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Ruchi's Menu

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Soups Salads Vegetarian Appetizers Non-Vegetarian Appetizers Tandoori Entrees
Main Course Tandoori Special Chicken Entrees Lamb Entrees Seafood Entrees Balti Dishes
Vegetable Entrees Rice & Biryani's Accompaniments Breads From Tandoor Choice of Paratha
South Indian Specialties Dosa Gallery Uttappam Gallery Chef Special Dosas Ruchi Special Thali's

Mulligatwany $4.95
An exquisitely delicated vegetable broth w/lentils and spices.
Rasam $4.95
A traditional South Indian sour and spicy food
Ruchi Special Sweet Corn Chicken/ Vegetable Soup $5.95
A made daily w/ tender pieces of chicken/ vegetable and sweet corn w/ aromatic spices
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Green Salad $4.95
Mixed traditional Indian salad
Kachumber $4.95
Cubes of cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, fresh coriander leaves and fresh lime juice
Chicken Salad $5.95
Julienne of chicken tossed w/ green salad
Ruchi Special Makai Faansi $5.95
Sweet corn and fresh green beans tempered w/ curry leaves, ginger and coconut on a bed of mixed greens.
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Vegetarian Appetizers
(Chardonnay's Recommended)
Samosa $4.95
Triangular pastry lled w/ potatoes and peas
Vegetable Bhajias $4.95
Assorted vegetables deep fried in chick peas butter
Aloo Papri chat $4.95
Mixture of crisp crust w/ cubes of potatoes chicks peas and tangy sauce
Bhel Puri $4.95
Assorted crisps & noodles w/ potatoes, onion tomatoes w/ sweet tangy sauce
Vegetable Cutlet $4.95
Mixed vegetables parry w/ spices
Paneer Pakoras $4.95
Homemade cheese fritters
Lilva Kachori $5.95
Spiced lentilled our potato
Tandoori Mushroom $5.95
Mushroom marinated in exotic Indian spices and herbs on skewered
Vegetable Kababs $6.95
Mixed monced vegetables delicately avored w/ herbs and spices lightly coocked on skewers
Paneer Tikka $6.95
Cubes of cheese marinated in exotic Indian spices and herbs on skewers
Vegetable Rolls $6.95
Minced vegetable cooked in spices and wrapped in a crunchy pastry
Vegetable Mix Platter $9.95
Assortment of vegetables
Tandoori Vegetables $7.95
Assortment of vegetables marinated in mild sauce
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Non -Vegetarian Appetizers
Chicken Samosa $6.95
Crispy turnovers stuffed w/ seasoned minced Chicken and herbs
Chicken Tikka $7.95
Boneless chunks of chicken marinated w/ yogurt spices and herbs on skewers
Chicken Pakoras $7.95
Supreme chicken marinated in a lightly spiced batter and crisp
Boti Kabab $7.95
Boneless cubes of lamb marinated w/ yogurt, ginger and garlic sauce on skewers
Reshmi Kabab $7.95
Succulent rolls of ground chicken blended w/aromatic herbs and spices on skewers
Saffron Malai Kabab $7.95
Boneless chunks of chicken marinated w/ ginger, garlic and cream cheese on skewers
Fish Tikka $8.95
Boneless fish cubes marindated w/ herbs and spices on skewers
Seek Kabab $7.95
Juicy Rolls of Minced lamb blended w/ fish coriander, ginger, spices, garlic on skewered
B.B.Q. Prawns $12.95
King Size Prawns marinated w/ Indian BBQ mild spicy sauce on skewers
Tandoori Prawns $12.95
King size prawns marinated w/ ginger, garlic and spices on skewers
Non Vegetable Platter $14.95
Assortment of chicken tikka, tandoori, chicken, boti kabab, and sh tikka
Ruchi's Special Shrimp til Kabab $13.95
King size prawns marinated w/ exotic herbs and wrapped in sesame seeds on skewers
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Tandoori Entrees
(Merlot Recommended)
Tandoori Chicken $12.95
Chicken marinated in yogurt and mild spices on skewers
Tandoori Whole Fish $15.95
Whole seasonal fish mar inted in yogurt and flavored w/herbs and spices on skewers
Jambo Prawn Kabab $16.95
Jambo Prawn marinated w/ olive oil/ lemon juice/ balsame vinegar fresh ginger, garlic and mild spices on skewers
Ajwani salaoni Machi (Salmon) $15.95
Delectable cubes of fish in a marinate of herbs and spices highlighted w/a final squeeze of fresh lime on skewers
Masala Lamb Chops $16.95
Rack of lamb marinated w/ yogurt, fresh mint paste, herbs and spices grilled on skewers
Raan $18.95
Small tender leg of lamb. Marinated in yogurt, gunger, garlic and spices on skewers, as served w/ sauted bell pepper, onion and roasted potatoes
Ruchi Special Tandoori Grill $16.95
Assortment of tandoori chicken, lamb and shrimp kababs
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Main Course Tandoori Special
Tandoori chicken Full $24.95
Tandoori chicken Half $14.95
Chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, served w/ sauted bell pepper, onion & potatoes
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Chicken Entrees
(Sauvigrom Blance Recommended)
Chicken Tikka Masala $12.95
Boneless tandoori chicken pieces cooked in tomato and onion cream sauce
Chicken Makhani (Butter) $12.95
Boneless tandoori chicken pieces cooked in a rich tomato cream sauce
Chicken Vindaloo $12.95
A specialty from Goa, boneless, chicken w/ potatoes simmered in afiery piquant sauce.
Chicken Saaq/Methi (Fenugreek) $12.95
Marinated chicken cooked w/ fresh creamy spinach or fenugreek
Chicken Chettinad $12.95
Roasted peppercorn and caramelized onion bas, chicken curry w/ herb delicacy of Kerala
Chicken Xacutti $12.95
A specialty from Goa, chicken cooked in coconut roasted base sauce an savored w/ aromatic spices
Chicken Kadhai $12.95
Chicken pieces coocked with onion, ginger, tomato in a iron work, rich w/ spices zalore
Chicken Jalfrazie $12.95
Chicken cooked with assorted freshly cut vegetable in a curry sauce
Chicken Madras $12.95
A specialty from back waters of South Indian tender coocked in a coconut curry
Chicken Chilli $12.95
Tender boneless chicken mixed and sauted w/ bell pepper, onion, garlic, ginger, made a mixture of Indian & Chinese cooking
Chicken shashi Korma $12.95
Tender boneless chicken mixed and sauted w/ bell pepper, onion, garlic, ginger made a mixture of Indian & Chinese cooking
(Extra $2.00 for white meat on all chicken entrees)
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(All goat is halal)
Goat Curry $13.95
Pieces of baby got (on the bone) spiced w/ cardamom and a thick curry sauce, extremely avorful
Goat Chilli $14.95
Pieces of baby goat (on the bone) mixed and sauted w/ bell pepper, onions, garlic, and ginger made a mixture of Indian & Chinese cooking
Goat Kadhai $14.95
Pieces of baby goat (on the bone) cooked w/ onion, ginger & tomatoes in an iron work rich w/ spices and zalore
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Lamb Entrees
(Zinfandel Recommended)
Lamb Kadhai $13.95
Lamb pieces coocked w/ onion, ginger and tomatoes in an iron wok, rich w/ spices zalore
Lamb Rogan Josh $13.95
The classic of lamb cubes in mild sauces.
Lamb Vindaloo $13.95
A specialty from Goa, Boneless lamb w/ potatoes Simmered in piquant sauces
Lamb Saag/Methi (Fenugreek) $13.95
Marinated lamb coocked w/ fresh creamy spinach of fenugreek
Lamb Kali Mirchi $13.95
Lean cubes of lamb coocked w/ ground of fenugreek
Lamb Madeira $13.95
Lean cubes of lamb pan sieved w/ classied herbal butte, portwine, garlic and nuts
Lamb Jardaloo $13.95
Originally from Maharashtra lamb curry w/ apricots and herbs.
Lamb Pasada $13.95
Kashmir specialty marinated lamb w/yogurt and spices in a sealed pot
Keema Mutter $13.95
North Indian specialty of ground meant cooked w/ herbs
Lamb Jalfrazie $13.95
Lean cubes of lamb cooked w/ assorted freshly cut vegetable in a mild curry sauce
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Seafood Entrees
(Rieslings recommended for our seafood entrees)
Shrimp Curry $14.95
An Indian classic shrimp cooked in a spiced curry sauce
Goan Shrimp Curry $14.95
Shrimp cooked in a coconut and cram sauce
Shrimp Masala $15.95
Shrimp cooked w/ tangy sauce kokum (fruit pulp, native to India used for souring agent in medical preparations) Ginger and Red Chilies.
Shrimp Jal Toori $14.95
A west Bengal specialty shrimp cooked in myustered sauce base curry w/ yogurt
Fish Curry $14.95
Fresh fish cooked in a curry sauce
Malabar Fish Curry $14.95
Fresh fish cooked in a curry w/ mustard sauce
Crab Curry $15.95
Fresh crab meat cooked w/ black pepper, corns, mustards, dry red chilies and coconut
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Balti Dishes
(Recommended red wine for our balti dishes)
Balti dishes originated from the between community of India where meat is cooked in a specialized bucket in a slightly sour and spicy sauce
Veg Balti $12.95
Chicken Balti $13.95
Lamb Balti $14.95
Goat Balti $16.95
Shrimp Balti $16.95
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Vegetable Entrees
Aloo Gobi/ Muter (Peas)/ Jerra (Chumin)/ Palak (Spinach) $11.95
Potatoes w/ Caulifower/ Peas/ Cumin/ Spinach/ cooked in fresh spices
Aloo Dum $11.95
Fried boiled potatoes w/ yogurt in a mild saucy soup
Bhindi Masala $11.95
Orkas w/ delicious Indian spices
Navaratan Korma $11.95
Bouquet of seasonal vegetable cook in white cream sauce and garnished w/ dry fruites
Biangan Bharta $11.95
Auberzines w/ onions tomatoes and spices
Mirch aur Baingan Salan $11.95
Hyderabadi dish of Eggpplant and green chilies simered in a sesame, peanut, tamarind sauce
Vegetable Jalfrazie $11.95
Assortment of seasonal vegetable stirred and fried w/ cumin, ginger and herbs
Saag Paneer/ Channa/ Mushroom $11.95
Cooked spinach w/ homemade cottage choose, channa, mushroom, cooked in mild spices
Channa Masala $11.95
Chick peas cooked w/ spices and herbs
Paneer Makhani $11.95
Homemade cottage cheese coocked w/ fresh tomatoes in a light creamy sauce
Malai Kofta $11.95
Mixed vegetable croquets, Cooked in a creamy sauce w/ cashews and raisins
Paneer Kadai $11.95
Cubes of homemade cheese, mixed w/ ginger, garlic, onions, bell peppers in an iron wok
Paneer Burzi $11.95
Shredded homemade cheese, coocked w/ onions tomatoes & spices
Daal Makhani $9.95
Classic lentils simmered in tomatoes and butter
Yellow Daal $9.95
Split lentils tempored w/ onions garlic and herbs
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Rice & Biryani
(Aromatic Basmati rice slowly cooked w/ nuts, herbs & delicious spices)
Sur on Rice $2.95
Sur on rice w/ peas
Jeera Rice $4.95
Cumin Rice
Ino-Chinese Veg Fried Rice $6.95
Tamarind Rice $5.95
Basmati Rice, avored w/ tamarind, mustard seeds, roasted peanuts and curry leaves
Vegetable Biriyani $11.95
Chicken Biriyani $12.95
Lamb Biriyani $13.95
Goat Biriyani $14.95
Shrimp Biriyani $15.95
Ruchi's special Medly Biriyani $16.95
Mixture of vegetable, chicken, lamb & shrimp chef style
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Raita $2.95
Yogurt, carrot w/ cucumber & potatoes garnished w/ cilantro.
Fried potatoes $3.00
Fried Potatoes w/ masala on top.
Mango Chutney $3.00
Made from fresh mangos.
Achar (Pickle) $2.95
A mixture of mangos and green chillies and lemon.
Pappadam $2.95
Spiced lentil our w/ a ers.
Coconut Chutney $2.00
Coconut, mustard seeds, and red chillies, curry leaves.
Samber $2.00
Lentil veg soup w/ youch of tamrind.
Plain Yogur t $2.00
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Breads From Tandoor
Chappati $2.95
2 a- t breads topped w/ melted butter.
Naan $2.95
Traditional baked in clay oven.
Keema Naan $3.95
Stu_ ed w/ minced meat.
Cheese Naan $3.95
Stu_ ed w/ homemade cheese.
Garlic Naan $3.95
Bread topped w/ chop garlic.
Garlic, Pepper Naan $3.95
clusted w/ coarse black pepper.
Chicken Naan $3.95
stu_ ed w/ cooked minced chicken.
Peshwari Naan $3.95
Leavened bread filled w/ exotic fresh nuts and raisins.
Rosemary Naan $3.95
topped w/ chopped Rosemary leaves.
Onion Naan $3.95
stu_ ed w/ chopped fresh onion and cilantro (crisp).
Roti $2.95
Whole wheat bread baked in tandoor oven.
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Choice of Paratha
Plain $3.95
Mint $3.95
Mix Veg. $3.95
Aloo (Potatoes) $3.95
Poori $3.95
A Pu whole wheat bread.
Ruchi's Special Basket $13.95
Assortment of Breads.
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South Indian Specialties
Medhu Vada $5.95
Crispy lentil donuts.
Idli $5.95
Steamed rice and lentil cake.
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Dosa Gallery $9.95
Thin crepe made from rice
Masala Dosa
Spiced dosa filled w/ onions and mashed potatoes.
Mysore Masala Dosa
A masala dosa w/ special spices.
Papper Dosa
A large crepe Extra thin and crispy.
Papper Masala Dosa
Papper dosa filled w/ spicy onions and potatoes.
Ghee Masala Dosa
A masala spiced dosa w/ butter.
Mushroom Masala Dosa
Dosa w/ mushroom and potato filling.
Paneer Masala Dosa
Dosa w/ cheese & potato filling.
Rava Dosa
A cream of wheat rice floured & cilentro dosa.
Onion Rava Masala Dosa
Rava dosa w/ a mild mashed potato filling.
Chennai Rava Masala Dosa
Rava dosa w/ hot and spicy potato filling.
Mysore Rava Masala Dosa
Rava dosa w/ special spices.
Paneer Rava Masala Dosa
Dosa w/ paneer and potato filling.
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Uttappam Gallery $9.95
(Indian Style Pancake made from ground rice and lentils)
Plain Uttappam
Lentil and rice our Pancake.
Vegetable Uttappam
Utthapam topped w/ tomato, peas, carrot and onions.
Mushroom Uttappam
Utthapam topped w/ mushroom cilentro.
Peas and Onion Uttappam
Utthapam spice free.
Onion and Hot Pepper Uttappam
Utthapam topped w/ onion and hot pepper.
Mushroom, Onion & Garlic Uttappam
Utthapam topped w/ mashroom,onion & garlic.
Mushroom Onion and Paneer Uttappam
Utthapam topped w/ onion & home made cheese.
($2 For Extra Toppings)
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Chef Special Dosas $9.95
Chicken Dosa $12.95
Thin rice and lentil crepe stu_ ed with spicy Chicken.
Lamb Dosa $13.95
Thin rice and lentil crepe stu_ ed with spicy Lamb.
Com-mix Dosa $14.95
Thin rice and lentile crepe filled with spicy shredded meat and spicy potato.
($2 For Extra Samber and coconut chutney)
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Ruchi Special Thali's
(Served all a t once on a special combination plate)

Lunch Special Thali's
Vegetable Thali $14.95
A plate w/ small 5 pots, 3 vegetable, rice, raita, dessert, Nan/Chappati.(2 a- t bread).
Non Vegetable Thali's $16.95
A plate w/ small pots, 5 small pots. 3 chicken curry, lamb curry, rice, raita, dessert, Nan/Chappati (2 Flat bread).
Dinner Special Thali's
Vegetable Thali $16.95
A plate w/ small 7 pots- 4 veg; Rice, soup, raita, dessert, paddam, Nan/ Chappati (2 Flat bread).
Non Vegetable Thali's $18.95
A plate w/ small pots, 5 small pots. 3 chicken curry, lamb curry, rice, raita, dessert, Nan/Chappati (2 Flat bread).

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